• Do Paintballs Hurt?   We like to compare a paintball shot to getting flicked with a rubber band.  Pro tip: the more layers you wear, the better!  Paintball games and equipment are designed to make the game extreme and intense, but we assure you the game is 100% safe to play!
  • Will Paintballs Stain My Clothes?   No! We use the highest grade paintballs available that are both biodegradable and non-staining.
  • Is Paintball Dangerous?   No!  Statistically, it is actually safer to play paintball than it is to go bowling, or even cheerleading (it's true, look it up!).  As long as players follow our provided safety rules paintball is one of the safest sports you can participate in.



Goggles must be worn at all times in playing areas and shooting range.

This is it. The #1 Rule of Paintball.  Follow this and paintball is literally one of the safest sports you can play (it’s true, look it up!).  Ignore this rule and paintball becomes extremely dangerous.  Would you ever take your seat belt off on a roller coaster?  Of course not.  Use this logic when it comes to your paintball goggles (aka mask).

Whenever you’re playing a game of paintball, or in the shooting range, or around paintballs being fired in any capacity, you must have your goggles on your face.  Protecting your eyes is the most important safety rule with paintball.  Paintball Goggles are incredibly safe when worn correctly, so as long as your goggles are on, it’s impossible to be shot in the face or eyes.


Barrel covers must be ON in all safe areas and anytime you are not playing a game.

Barrel Covers are extremely important in preventing accidents at the paintball park.  Tied to your gun, your barrel cover is a rubber sleeve that must be placed on the end of your barrel anytime you are not playing a game of paintball.   Barrel Covers catch accidental shots, preventing the paintball from being fired, which is why they must be utilized in all “safe areas”, or area where people are not wearing their goggles.

Your barrel cover will be tied to your gun so you can’t lose it.  Anytime you are not playing paintball you should have your barrel cover on to prevent you from accidentally firing a paintball in safe area.


Safeties must be ON in all safe areas and anytime you are not playing a game.

The safety on your paintball gun is crucial to preventing accidents.  On the left side of your trigger you’ll see a button that says “PUSH SAFE”.  Press this button to turn your safety on, which will lock your trigger in place and keep the paintball gun from firing.  Keep your safety on at all times, especially when you are around players that don’t have their goggles on.

On the right side of your trigger you’ll see a button that says “PUSH FIRE”.  Pressing this button turns your safety off, which allows your paintball gun to be fired.  Only press this button when instructed by LVL UP Staff that it is OK to do so.  Safeties can only be turned off on a playing field or in the shooting range, never around people who aren’t wearing goggles.


Never shoot without being able to see what you're shooting at.

Blind Firing refers to firing your paintball gun without being able to see where your shots are going. Blind firing can be very dangerous, as you can accidentally shoot other players at too close of a range, a staff member, or a player who may be out a game or injured on the field.

Anytime you are taking a shot, please make sure you are looking down field so you can actually see what you are shooting at.


Always measure the velocity of paintball guns brought from home.

If you have your own equipment, you must test the velocity of your paintball gun.  Paintballs are measured in FPS (feet per second), and firing paintballs at a high velocity can be extremely dangerous.

All paintball guns must be shooting at 285fps or lower at LVL UP Sports.  You are responsible for making sure your equipment is shooting as safe speed.  Please check your paintball gun’s speed using our Chronograph (machine that measures a paintball’s velocity) located inside the shooting range.


Only safe firing modes on paintball guns are allowed.

At LVL UP, our job is create a safe, fun and friendly to play the amazing sport of paintball.  In order to prevent accidental overshooting, ramping is not permitted during Public Games unless otherwise instructed by referees.

Anytime ramping is used, whether on Advanced Public Games or on our X-Ball fields, the max BPS (balls per second) allowed is 10.  10bps is what professional players use and that is why we set our maximum rate of fire at 10.


Only paintballs purchase from the LVL UP proshop are permitted at our facility.

Paintballs vary greatly from batch to batch and brand to brand.  Some brands, as well as improperly stored paintballs, can become extremely dangerous, can stain your clothes, kill trees, and are horrible for the environment.

At LVL UP, we have fresh paintballs delivered to us every week.  We only use non-staining, biodegradable, eco-friendly paintballs in order to ensure a premium experience for our customers as well as be conscious of the environment.  Only paintballs purchased from the LVL UP Proshop are allowed on our playing fields.



  • MASKS ON!  The most important rule we have at Pinnacle Paintball is that your protective paintball masks (also known as goggles) MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES when players are within the “Masks On” designated areas. Absolute no exceptions! If a staff member sees you taking off your mask off during game play, you will receive one warning. If you take your mask off a second time, you will be asked to sit out a game. If you take your mask off a third time, you will be disqualified from playing paintball at Pinnacle Paintball Park for the day without a refund.
  • Absolutely no shooting over the netting is tolerated. Failure to comply will mean automatic ejection from our facilities without reimbursement and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Field Paint Only! Pinnacle Paintball Park needs to protect you, the players, from paintballs that will stain your clothes, clog up the rental guns, and may be unsafe. For these reasons, it is mandatory that all players use paintballs purchased from Pinnacle Paintball Park when using our facilities. Anyone caught using paintballs not purchased at Pinnacle will be ejected from the premises without a refund.
  • Max Velocity: 285 Feet Per Second All paintball markers must be set at 285 fps, no higher (rental equipment is pre-set at this speed). Players may be asked to be chronographed at any time in the day. Excessive velocity speeds may result in ejection from park.
  • Watch where you shoot! No blind firing is allowed at Pinnacle Paintball Park. For definition of blind firing, see below.
  • Alcohol No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on location. Anyone who has been drinking or appears intoxicated will be asked to leave.
  • Cover Up! Players must have working barrel socks / covers and must have them on markers 100% of the time outside of the designated playing areas. Barrel plugs are not allowed. All rental equipment comes with barrel socks.
  • Respect Your Rental Gear Although we realize that accidents happen and equipment does break, we reserve the right to determine if there has been excessive mishandling of equipment and if financial restitution is warranted.
  • Referees have final say. Respect your fellow players.

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