Big league paintball is invading Columbus Ohio!

Registration has just opened for the 2017 MSXL Mid Ohio Open, a two day X-Ball event July 8th – 9th.

For more information on the league, head to the MSXL Official Facebook Page ->

The MSXL is widely considered the most paintball for the money anywhere.  With large turnouts of 75+ teams per event, huge prize pools and the coveted Ninja Sword Trophies, it’s easy to see why so many local teams choose the MSXL to get their tournament paintball fix.

LVL UP Sports, located just 15 miles from Downtown Columbus and less than 5 miles from a dozen hotels, large retail outlets and restaurants, will be a perfect mid-summer event venue for this prestigious paintball tournament league.  The LVL UP team is excited to bring thousands of players, friends and family to the always beautiful Grove City Ohio!