LVL UP’s 2018 Membership Program is now available!

Our $99.95 Membership includes:

  •  $50 Cases of Paint
  •  $15 Bags of 500
  •  100% Free Entry Fee
  •  Unlimited Free Air Fills
  •  Free LVL UP T-Shirt
  •  10% Off Entire Proshop & Discounts at
  •  50% Off All LVL UP Apparel
  •  50% Off Rental Packages For a Friend (limit one per visit, can’t be used on self-equipped players)
  •  $50 Off Any Private Group You Organize
  •  Page on Our Website (coming soon)
  •  Access to Member Only Events

To purchase, visit us during open hours or you can purchase one online from the Memberships page.

paintball membership