Paint or build a wall-worthy masterpiece this Sunday with Studio 614!

Choose between building a buckeye (or anything) themed Ohio Wood Boards w/ bottle opener, or take home a sweet wood pallet painting you can be proud of.

This is a 2-hour painting class for beginners with no experience! All supplies are included and it will be hosted right in the staging area of LVL UP.  This painting class will be hosted by Studio 614 – Columbus’ premier painting and arts & crafts studio.

*No nailing, hammering, or extra work will be necessary. The pallets are pre-assembled for you! We’ll provide plenty of tools & techniques for this pallet painting on the wood, and we’ll help you create any design you want… from letters of the alphabet to Ohio shapes, sayings and quotes, animals, and family names. Each piece will turn out totally different. We will also have many different colors of paint, brush sizes, and stencils provided.

Each guest will be given all of the supplies upon arrival. The pallets are approximately 22″x22″ and are hand-crafted locally using all-natural wood.