Paintball, Porsntars & Pokemon -> 1870 Magazine

1870 Magazine recently visited us here at LVL UP Sports Paintball, to see if we could walk the paint covered walk. So we were happy to host them at our park in Grove City, just 15 miles South of OSU’s campus! Little did they know they would be facing off against 1st place globally ranked Edmonton Impact, from Canada. Edmonton Impact was also in Columbus to practice at LVL UP Sports for an upcoming tournament in Cleveland. Despite the “slight” loss at the hands of Edmonton Impact, 1870 Magazine seemed to still have a great time at LVL UP Sports.

LVL UP Sports could not be more pleased with the visit from 1870 Magazine. They let no stone go unturned with their review of the park. Despite all the fun they had on our X-ball fields, they still made sure to get down to business. LVL UP wasn’t afraid to show up though, packing everything from tangible successes, like fields and our pro shop, to future plans and one simple goal. Create a professional paintball environment to create lifelong memories, and help bring paintball to the wonderful community of Columbus.

We at LVL UP Sports made sure to give them the best we have to offer; from our professionally built, tournament ready X-Ball fields, to our massive 500×500 foot trailer park field. We even showed them our fields cut right out of the dense, neighboring woods for our Woodsball games. LVL UP Sports would once again like to thank 1870 Magazine for the wonderful feature, and encourage everybody to come experience the park like them and help paintball reclaim Columbus!columbus-paintball-1870-magazine-3 columbus-paintball-magazine-1870-1 columbus-paintball-1870-magazine-2