• Who: Hosted by Marky “Mr. H” Kressin from HK Army along with legendary professional paintball players Marcello Margott and Ryan Greenspan of San Diego Dynasty will ALL be in the house!
  • When: Sunday July 30th from 10am – 4pm
  • What’s Going Down?: If you know Mr. H, you know he can throw a party.  Imagine a totally crazy day of walk-ons, and then add 20 redbulls and an XL mustache and you’ve got an HK Army streetball event. Marcello Margott & Ryan Greenspan will also be in the house, mixing in with games on the X-Ball field as well as the rec side.  Throughout the day Mr. H and the Dynasty crew will be giving away prizes and signing autographs.
  • Cost: This event is the same price as any other Saturday or Sunday, but if you pre-pay by Saturday at midnight you can get $10 off your air / entry / admission package.  Each ticket includes admission, air and one case of HK Army paintballs.  Price also includes free HK Army swag / autographed posters and other prizes.  We will have a regular walk-on group and a separate HK Streetball Only walk-on group.
  • How Do I Sign Up?: Click the “Buy Tickets” button below and checkout.  You will get a confirmation e-mail that will confirm your purchase, bring that e-mail with you the day of the event.  If the buy button below is not working, you can also click this link.