Columbus, get your FIT on. October 17-22 (614) Magazine wants to experience all the FITness trends, gyms & more our city has to offer during their 2nd annual FIT Week. One of the stops on their fit tour will be hosted by Yours Truly, LVL UP Sports!  We’ll be hosting a customized paintball workout for all the FITness junkies in Columbus looking for alternative ways to get their hearts, legs, and trigger-fingers pumping.

All of the paintball workouts for FIT Week will be hosted on our pristine artificial grass X-Ball tournament field.  Packages are all-inclusive for just $30 (we will provide all the gear and paintballs) and every ticket holder will have the option to do paintball workouts (you will not get shot with any paintballs), paintball competitions, as well as a FIT Week open play (where you will be regular games of paintball).

Paintball workout dates will be from 6pm – 7:30pm, Monday 10/17, Wednesday 10/19, and Friday 10/21.

Each FIT Week paintball outing will include:

-Intense Paintball target shooting drills on our artificial grass playing field
-Paintball “snap shooting” core workouts (learning how to use your core to take quick paintball shots, then ducking behind cover before your opponent can shoot back)
-1 v 1  paintball competitions
-Massive open play paintball games on our five themed fields


In addition to paintball, with the purchase of your FIT pass, you will get access to tons of FITness classes during the week at select studios + discounts on healthy eats, fashion, beauty & more.