LVL UP Paintball Summer Camp 2017

$250 per Week or $60 per Day

JUNE 19 – 23 | JULY 24 – 28 | AUGUST 14 – 18



Introducing Lvl Up Sports Summer 2017 Paintball Camp, an action-packed, highly interactive, super fun, and always safe camp for kids ages 7+!  Finally, a chance to send your kids to a camp they will NEVER forget.

How Does Paintball Camp Work?

Kids can be dropped off anytime between 8-8:45am.   (Camp Officially Begins at 9am) There are two age groups for Paintball Summer Camp, 7-10 year olds will be in one group and only using Low Impact paintballs and 11 & older kids will be in another group.  Older kids can join the low impact group and vice versa as well.

Once at the park, each child will meet with the other campers and be given his/her rental paintball equipment, a detailed safety instruction meeting, followed by a day FULL of paintball target shooting, paintball games like elimination / capture the flag / protect the president etc., and structured paintball FUN!  New activities will be added/rotated each day.  Camp Counselors will be certified paintball and safety instructors that are excited to take campers on an awesome paintball adventure each day.  Please call us if you have any questions at 614-313-1382

How Much Does Paintball Camp Cost?

You can choose either a daily rate of $60/day or a weekly rate of $250/week (save $50).  Don’t worry, all rental gear, safety equipment, air tank fills, AND UNLIMITED PAINTBALLS are all included in the daily rate.  (Sorry, lunch will not be provided but we will have a large refrigerator for kids to store lunch and snacks.)

What’s The Daily Schedule Look Like?

This will vary from day to day, but a typical daily routine will follow this schedule:

8:00am – Arrive at Park

9:00am – Camp Begins

9:30am – Paintball Safety Meeting

10:00am – Target Practice Warmup

11:00am – Capture the Flag Games

12:00pm – Lunch (not included, kids must pack their own lunch)

1:00pm – Team Elimination Games

3:30pm – Advanced Target Shooting / Paintball Fundamentals Training

4:00pm – Parent Pickup

*Games & activities will rotate throughout the week!

Sign Me Up!

To register choose one of the following options:

-Purchase a single day or full week pass on the right side of this webpage (or bottom if on mobile phone)

-You can also purchase registration passes if you Click this link

-Register by phone at 614-313-1382


After you have purchased a day or week pass, we will follow up with an e-mail to get your child’s name and other info!


Click a button for more information, or purchase either a full week or single day pass below! Call 614-313-1382 for more info